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S-hooks are also an important means to stabilize the hardwood of railways sleepers.

S-Hooks are used to prevent wooden railway sleepers and trunks from cracking

Corrugated Screed Connectors

Dummy joints and cracks in screed should never be only plastered over but closed in a friction-fit manner.

Corrugated Screed Connectors

Corrugated Steel Band

Corrugated steel band - and the strips made thereof - is sharpened and manufactured from the best tapered raw material.

Corrugated Steel Band - Corrugated Steel Strip

Toothed steel band - Wood joiners

Wooden boards and laths can be connected without using glue, screw anchors or cross boards. Just join them easily, fast and properly at little cost.
Toothed steel band - Wood joiners

Welcome to Max Amrhein GmbH

one of the leading manufacturers of corrugated iron products.

Our company was founded in 1897 in Frammersbach as a forge for hand tools and is today run as a family enterprise in its third generation.

In the course of time, company Max Amrhein has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of corrugated iron products. Our product range includes S-hooks, corrugated fasteners, corrugated steel band in coils or cut to pieces, corrugated screed connectors, scaffold board protection and steel strapping with copper seals.

Due to more than 100 years of experience, we are your qualified business partner in this field.